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Pet Urine Accidents? Urine Luck!

Is carpet cleaning the answer to removing severe pet odors?

The short answer is “no”.  Carpet cleaning by itself is inadequate at handling the odors that come from pet accidents. 

In a nutshell, when a pet urinates on the carpet, gravity is “always” at work.  Thus, especially with large dogs with large bladders, their urine penetrates down through the fibers, through the backing of your carpet, down into the pad, and even to the sub-floor.

When urine dries, it forms uric salts which can last up to 20 years!  Whenever it gets hot and humid, these salts will activate producing the urine odor.  Thus, the way to attack this odor is to address every level within the flooring system.  The Lane’s ProGreen Complete Urine Decontamination Program is the most effective way of removing urine odors.  Call Lane’s ProGreen today to learn about our process and pricing.